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    WA Quitting 47k clean(without af, legion, level 221)

    Your message could not be delivered because you don't share a server with the recipient or you disabled direct messages on your shared server, recipient is only accepting direct messages from friends, or you were blocked by the recipient. Bro can u msg me in discord, my discord is...
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    WA Quitting 47k clean(without af, legion, level 221)

    80b Swm ign freesexdaily discord winlalabubu#1577 , can update if someone offer higher 1554052718 90b on second pendant
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    Report for Trash Talk and KS

    Hello, fistyourbooty here C: . First of all there are some parts you are wrong. About the comment "Then FistMyBooty came and KS" , I did not touch the mob at all. The only one who is hitting the mobs is only you alone. Next, about this "If you hold a map you could ask NICELY to Change Channel...
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    B>pirate tyrant gloves mpot 24crit dmg bpot 8crit dmg 90b

    90b instant discord: winlalabubu#1577
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    S> Pirate Str% tyrant glove and Arcane Weapon

    Tyrant glove 80b straight ign: SexyDoggie discord: winlalabubu#1577