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  1. Slushy

    Endgame Str quitting sale

    Ign:Slushy Discord: Slushy#0001 Str quitting sale! -Sell or trade for rare nx -Lowballers will be ignored Message me offers. Meister 33/30/2 17* 2 dslots str c/o 15 (Cannonw) a/w 25kdp SGP 33/27/2 Fully dslot c/o 0 a/w 17kdp RGR 33/27/2 17* 2 dslots c/o 7.8k (Escargot) a/w 10kdp GSE...
  2. Slushy


    Discord:Slushy#4505 IGN: SlushyPi Trading to Similar Str Warrior. 54k LUK clean Without Arcane Force. Most items are 33/27/2 16*+
  3. Slushy

    S>33/30% STR Meister Ring

    Leave your ign and discord when you offer or you will be ignored. Discord: Slushy#4505 Ign: SlushyPi DP Rate 1:17 / Accepting Rare NX Trades Not in a rush to sell. S> c/o 80b (yoga) a/w TBD