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  1. Smoochums

    Mage glove starforcing bug

    IGN: Smoochums Job: Evan Job Level: 275 Description of Bug : Starforcing arcane mage gloves supposedly give out 1 magic attack at 4*-5*, 6*-7* and so on. However, it gave me Attack Power instead. As stated in this maplestory website, it is supposed to give "Weapon ATT+1 (Magic ATT+1 for Magician...
  2. Smoochums

    Evan Wrymking Breath bug

    IGN: Smoochums Job: Evan Job Level: 275 Description of Bug: Evan's 5th job fusion skill "Wrymking Breath" is supposed to hit 112 lines (as shown below) but in Aries it only hits 91 times. Example of KMS, GMS Evans given. Tested few times in Aries for confirmation Screenshot: GMS KMS Evans, Aries...
  3. Smoochums

    Smol Int% Sale

    IGN: Smoochums Discord: Smoochums#0700 Top c/o 20b a/w 35b others no a/w yet can pm for nego SWT1 sold
  4. Smoochums

    Morass Dailies Bug

    IGN: Smoochums Job: Evan Job Level: 250 P52 Description of Bug: Finish 3 daily quest for Morass but the "Save the Morass" quest isn't completed. Relog didn't help. Screenshot (If Applicable):
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  6. Smoochums

    Pirate Dex Quit

    IGN: Smoochums Discord: DaenerysT#6819 PM discord Weapon a/w 70b IED nebbed 2nd a/w 4b 2nd a/w 2b Heart fully dslotted 33/27/2 sold Shoulder 39/20/2 a/w 15b Emblem a/w 9b CRA Hat 24/18/2 a/w 4b CRA Top 33/27/2 sold CRA Btm 33/24/2 a/w 12b LGR fully dslotted 33/27/2 a/w 35b SGR 24/27/2...
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  8. Smoochums

    B>perfect abso mage gloves

    IGN: Smoochums Discord ID (if any): Smoochums#0700 Item(s) you wish to purchase: Perfect abso mage gloves (preferably 3L Cdmg or more) Screenshots (if necessary): - Remarks: hmu on discord or ingame
  9. Smoochums