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  1. Reve

    Red Leaf High 2019

    Red Leaf High 2019 Guide Have you ever wondered where you can get your hands on a Sengoku Totem Set but don't wanna pay billions for a set? Well... now you can! Things to Remember Before You Start - Minimum Level Requirement - Lvl 210 - Drop rate does not affect the amount of coins you gain...
  2. Reve

    Report on Omigos

    IGN of Accuser: Furnix IGN of Accused: Omigos Rules Broken: KS'ing Evidence: Additional Comments: @check and asking the person to cc is on the 1st image, @map is on the 2nd image
  3. Reve

    [closed] reve's art shoppu \(ㆁヮㆁ✿)

    Heyo I'm Reve/Wuzzy :D I'm offering 3 art styles at the moment. I primarily draw with gradients, however, full colored artwork is something I'm considering. ~ Rules ~ - Follow the AriesMS TOS - No NSFW - No rushing - Don't reserve if you can't decide in 3 days - Payment first ~...
  4. Reve

    Round 2 Peoples

    Heya, I'm not new to Aries, but I doubt people would recognize me. Anyways about my MS private server life, I was in for 3-4 years idr (joined a bit before Mercedes/CannonBoy/Demon Slayer were added and I had a few long hiatuses throughout),/Whatever-other-name-it-was-called for a few months...