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    banned on my 2nd day mapling proof inside

    In Game Name : chupacabrita Job of Character: kanna Staff who banned you : no idea Reason For Ban :police hack reason Why should we give you another chance? : yes, i believe i deserve a chance, took me 1 day training, and im new from gms its really sad this system bans you when not even using...
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    questions about ariesms and what is illegal

    i see, so when my brother plays at my moms address, he can vote himself and i vote at my house on my account. when he stays with me then, we need to share the votes as if 1 day i vote next day he votes??, can someone confirm the 2 people playing at the same time same ip legal?
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    questions about ariesms and what is illegal

    i have a few questions id like to ask before im considered doing something illegal. i have 2 gaming pc's at home one is mine and one is my brothers, is it illegal or not correct to be logged at the same time with the same internet on different accounts? my brother wants to join ariesms so we...
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    Hack thread disconnection after login

    no programs i mean its a gaming pc i do have a lot of Overclocked gpu stuff and programs that are always running, but uninstalling them may make issues with the pc itself =/, i get dced sometimes often sometimes i go almost all day without a dc, hopefully i dont get banned
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    Hack thread disconnection after login

    uninstalled synapse, switched maps, im able to play for a few hours then i get that message when entering cash shop or switching chars, can i get banned for being dced without hacking? dont want to loose my small progress in this game.
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    make Flames accessible

    just bring flames to the game, i was so hyped on gms and i just met this pts which is really similar but easier than MS, but just finding out we dont have flames, makes me want to go back to regular GMS its a huge advantage, please bring them here, idc how if on coin shop or farmable. dont make...
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    Hack thread disconnection after login

    Hack thread disconnection after login, i was able to log in for a few hours, and now i receive that message usually after character selection, i may be able to log in for a bit but then i get that message, any ideas? i do use a razer mouse, keyboard and mousepad, including my pc case. i have it...
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    can't login characters

    i have the same problem, i was able to get from lvl 1-75 then now i crash every time when putting the pic, sometimes i make it to the game but ill crash a few seconds after or i lagg like crazy. i have 150 mbps download and 15 upload cant be my wired internet, and a monster pc so its not my pc...