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    S> Early Game Cadena (luk) Equips

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    S> Early Game Cadena (luk) Equips

    S> these equips / Or trade for warrior equips similar stats Cadena Eq's Album Arc Umbra Chain (a/w 13k) Arc Weapon or T> to 2 hand weapon (kaiser) SOLD Tyrant Cape (a/w 1.5k dp) Cape Tyrant Belt (a/w 1.5k dp) belt SOLD CRA Hat (a/w 1.5k dp) top CRA Top (a/w 1.5k dp) top SOLD CRA Pants (a/w...
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    Arc Cane s/b: 10k a/w: 14k Or can consider T> to Cadena Arc Weapon Discord paopao95#5073