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    Hero or Dawn Warrior

    Hero has more FD modifiers than DW to cap easily but will be circumvented by the number of lines they have over DW. It's a matter of playstyle and with enough funding most classes can be viable. As for DW bugs, you could check the common bug thread here...
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    ARK Innocence Scroll 30%

    Have you ever seen Aries equipment progression videos where players choose to leave their items at 0 starforce because they aren't exactly happy with the way their items are scrolled? The difference in order is exactly what defines the endgame progression for Aries. Starforcing at higher stars...
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    Cannot equip elemental staff 8 on Bishop

    Sorry, but if it's possible, could you follow the bug report format? It just provides additional information like what class you are, and also includes screenshots, which are very beneficial. I'm not saying that I can help in...
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    ARK Innocence Scroll 30%

    The only reason why I oppose this change is because introducing Ark Innocence Scrolls would be completely unfair for those who took the risk and settled on their mchaos rolls before starforcing. Your suggestion is like saying: "yeah, well I don't want to take on that risk anymore"; and that...
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    Server or client issue?

    I'd say it's way easier to do a clean install following the install guide listed here: Otherwise, it's be helpful if you could provide all possible information including screenshots of your Maplestory folder, exclusions...
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    Easy Magnus?

    If you can't kill him, you can ask people on the server to leech you for the Magnus prequest. Just remember to pay the favor forward when you stronger. Other than that, it's a matter of cubing for relevant stat lines, learning mechanics, and good ping.
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    Server or client issue?

    Whenever you have client issues, your first course of action should be to check the troubleshooting guide: Under technical issues > blank error: Give us an update after you try, and we can see if there are other solutions.
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    Aries Point

    If you can confirm proof of purchase through Paypal or your bank account; and have checked the Aries website for your transaction history, send Elyx a DM on Discord if your DP still hasn't come through.
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    How do I get a Perfect Bonus Potential Stamp?

    The most common way to get a Perfect Bonus Potential Stamp is from leveling a new character to 190. They typically sell for around 1.9-2.1b mesos. You can check in the auction house if you'd like to refer the prices of current stamps on sale. Also from the FAQ by Spyro:
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    Character slot expansion

    Refer to the FAQ by Spyro:
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    Lets fix this together.

    @KoreanTaco There's so much more nuance than just voting for a server reset because you personally want it. I hope you realize that it won't make anything easier for you or anyone else. I can see some of the real intentions leaking when I saw your comment to "increase the rates". You'd need to...
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    Can’t play

    @piratebae19 No worries, the guides are there for a reason. I feel bad for taking credit when Elyx did all the work. ;)
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    Problems starting the game.

    Login onto the Aries website: There should be options to unstuck your character once you sign in. Try that, and then give the thread an update if it didn't/doesn't work.
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    Can’t play

    Refer to the troubleshooting guide: Under technical issue > blank error >
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    Pink Bean Bug

    Over a year? o-o This seems like a pretty niche issue. You've never deleted the Pink Bean, but because you had the extra slot from having it gone you chose to make another character rather than filing a report for the missing character originally? Weird. Sorry that I couldn't see any fix that...