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    B>full dslot 33/27 dex outlaw heart

    Discord: KJ#7891
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    S>camellia sword

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    S>camellia sword

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    B>cpq win long/short term or anyday 300m

    Discord: KJ#7891
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    S>camellia sword

    S>camellia sword 7k kitty planet posh sold Disc: KJ#7891
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    B>arc archer hat bpot dex27-30 & archer cra btm bpot dex 27 (clean, ssed, mcsed)

    Discord: KJ#7891 pm ur item and offer
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    B> Ssed/mcsed/clean archer cra btm bpotdex27

    Discord: KJ#7891
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    S> Mid Game DEX EQ. (PF)

    interested in cra btm, pm me the c/o and a/w ty~ Discord: KJ#7891
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    Cooldown of pathfinder skill did not reduce

    IGN: Leloch Job: Pathfinder Job Level: 275 Description of Bug (Explain the bug, How is it done, what should it really be doing? etc. An unclear description will not get the bug fixed): Some of the pathfinder skills(ancient astra, glyph of implement, combo assault) didn't get time reduce when I...
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    B> mid/late mcsed archer cra top&btm bpotdex 24 or 27

    Discord: KJ#7891 Pm the item and offer