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    Reminiscent | Active | Friendly | Discord | Bossing | Global | Guides | Join Us [Reopen]

    Main Character IGN: Rasch (which means quickly in german - more info in important details ) Level: 167 (as of 4/11/2020) Name (Optional): Kah Loke Birthdate (Optional): 10 Jan 03 Timezone: GMT +8 Any Other Important Detail You Want Us To Know: Currently a full time music student playing for...
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    Hi guys Rasch here :)

    Hi guys , I'm a returning player that played since 2016 and quitted around 2017~2018. Need some friends to kinda talk around and chill while I get the ropes back. I had around 300k range as a BaM when i quitted (not alot but meh ;p) now going to try to fund an Adele (IGN : Rasch) and would...