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    [Forum Game] Count to 100

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    dex gear

    I'll offer 1k DP for top. IGN: WilfriedZaha
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    S>GSE DEX 30/18

    I'll offer 1.5k DP. IGN:WilfriedZaha
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    S> 40k Dex No arc Pathfinder Quitting Sale.

    I'll offer 1k DP for the CRA top. IGN: WilfriedZaha
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    S>45k RAW (not arcane) DEX AND RARE IGNS

    I'll offer 3k DP for the GSE then. IGN: WilfriedZaha
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    S>45k RAW (not arcane) DEX AND RARE IGNS

    Is there any c/o for the GSE?
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    S>%Dex item

    I'll offer 2k DP for the Ranger top. IGN: WilfriedZaha
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    I'll offer 3k DP. IGN : WilfriedZaha
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    I'll offer 2k DP. IGN: WilfriedZaha
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    I'll offer 4k DP. IGN: WilfriedZaha 1558820854 I'll offer 6k DP. IGN:WilfriedZaha
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    I'll offer 5k DP. IGN: WilfriedZaha
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    S>Arcane Bow +17 dslotted

    Just to let you know, it's an Arcane Bow, might want to change the title. :D
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    Wind Archer quitting stuff

    I'll offer 100bil for the bow. IGN: WilfriedZaha
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    I'll offer 60bil for the SLH IGN : WilfriedZaha