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    S> 15* pirate tyrants, 57% ATT emblem and DEX accessories

    Link down below, accepting dp only for now. Discord: Shimon#2084 STR: Cape 33/27 198 ATT - c/o 0 a/w 35k Shoes 33/24 - c/o 0 a/w 17k Gloves - c/o 0 a/w 25k Belt 33/24 - c/o 0 a/w 17k Shoulder 36/29 nice mchaos - c/o 0 a/w 8k Emblem 57% ATT 30% IED - c/o 0 a/w 45k Heart 33/27 18* - c/o 0...
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    70k+ STR pirate sale

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    B> fully primed heart/godly arc 2h sword

    discord: Weihenstephan#2084 heart - preferably STR. weapon - must have prime linesand att soul. Boss neb appreciated.
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    70k+ STR pirate sale

    learn to use a calculator before posting mocking comments.
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    70k+ STR pirate sale

    1. Accepting DP only. 2. I have the right not to sell the item if im not satisfied with the offer. 3. Lowballers will be ignored and blocked. 4. The buyer is given a maximum of 7 days to get the required amount. Discord: Weihenstephan#2084 Prices updates: Items:
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    Anti-bot check triggering very often when grinding.

    ill try the screen recording thing if it actually helps. They probably are, but knowing my shitty connection, good odds that it might actually happen.. that's a good Idea with recording, but need to make sure it doesn't eat much memory.. and I have honestly no idea how the system triggers...
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    Anti-bot check triggering very often when grinding.

    Hello everyone. The following topic was on the shelf for quite a while, but now after the TOS update, it must be brought. NOTE: This is a discussion and players are welcomed to post a constructive critique about this and maybe bring some suggestions. As all of you know, Aries has an active...
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    High range but low dmg?

    Because of the level cap increase to 275, ecrillas are now lv 260, therefore all level difference reductions apply: If your level is 220 and below (40 levels below monster level) then you will hit 1 damage. If your level is 230, then you will hit 25% of your damage (level difference is 30). Lv...
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    B> Godly bpot bossing cygnus secondary

    discord: Shimon#2084 only 12% ATT /35/40% bd lines on bpot don't care about main pot but will be nice if godly too.
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    S> 33/21%INT GSE - 30/24%STR SGP - 33/21%STR pirate top

    Discord: Shimon#2084 Will not sell unless offer is decent in my eyes. GSE 33/21 %INT 17 ma c/o 0 a/w 30b ------------------------------------------ SGP 30/24 %STR 17* c/o 0 a/w 70b ------------------------------------------ Pirate top 33/21 %STR 17* c/o 0 a/w 50b...
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    S> Timeless prelude & cygnus secondaries

    Discord: Shimon#2084 ------------------------------------------ Mage shield: c/o 0 a/w tba ------------------------------------------ Blaze wizard secondary: c/o 0 a/w tba ------------------------------------------ Cygnus secondary 1: c/o 0 a/w tba ------------------------------------------...
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    Ark (dpm?) bug

    IGN: 8421 Job: Ark Job Level: 210 Description of Bug (Explain the bug, How is it done, what should it really be doing? etc. An unclear description will not get the bug fixed): When attempting to do a DPM test for my ark, the results were pretty diverse in terms of 2t-8.7t, and it all depended on...
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    👑Minerva👑 - Active ♢ Friendly ♢ Boss ♢ Events ♢ Global ♢ Discord

    Name: Shimon Character Name: CptSpark Age: 24 Timezone: GMT + 2 How many hours are you on daily? On average around 3 hours a day (except exams period) Why did you choose Minerva? I have an impression that this is a fun, active and a friendly guild to be in. How do you think we can help you grow...