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  1. [Implemented] Add pet item vac with lower DP cost and duration
  2. [Implemented] One Time Royal Hair Coupon
  3. [Implemented] Rings
  4. [Implemented] Remove gender lock on wedding
  5. Quality of Life suggestions
  6. [Implemented] Add Mesos to Haven
  7. Name Change
  8. Whip Blades
  9. Sell equips faster
  10. [Implemented] Increase Smega CDs
  11. [Implemented] Guild Board related
  12. [Implemented] SBCs
  13. [Implemented] 100% Stance
  14. Character slot
  15. Making from DB --> Any other thief transfer work.
  16. [Implemented] Monster Park Extreme Potions
  17. [Implemented] add more NX equips and pets
  18. Adding various options in universal NPC
  19. [Implemented] respawn rate of veins in the mine
  20. Expand maximum character slots
  21. [Implemented] Remove server-wide announcements of gachapon items and boss kills
  22. [Implemented] Tower of Oz
  23. [Implemented] Make Special Beauty Coupon Tradeable
  24. [Implemented] Owls.
  25. Make Lotus Drops Shared
  26. [Implemented] Remove the scrolling message
  27. Tweaking the autoban system
  28. [Implemented] Universal Transparent Weapon
  29. [Implemented] Multiple Channels for PQ
  30. Make Dimension Invasion instanced
  31. Promo Video Editing Contest
  32. Zero and weddings.
  33. add more character slots
  34. Root Abyss (Warrior) Lucky Item Scroll
  35. [Implemented] discord #announcements channel
  36. Start moving suggestions!
  37. GM Events
  38. Omok
  39. Speed/Speed cap increase for 250 or 250+
  40. Less Lag with Vac
  41. Extension to Sengoku High Event
  42. Soloing Bosses
  43. Suggestions for Vote Point Period
  44. Monster Park
  45. Add Water of life or make all pets permanent
  46. Nebulites
  47. Absolab Psy-Limiter
  48. Nebulites
  49. Innocence Scrolling Donorslotted Items
  50. Tempest coins need a use
  51. Pet vac Interval
  52. [Implemented] Remove Heading In game
  53. Forum Suggestion
  54. Permanent Chalkboard for Everyone
  55. make #announcements default
  56. Mob aggro
  57. Chair Gachapon Confirmation
  58. 1-2 minutes allowed to AFK without Chalkboard on Map Ownership.
  59. Item Of Choice (IOC)
  60. Resetting FM merchant
  61. training dummy summoning sack
  62. Heka Revamp.
  63. Absolab Pile God (blaster abso weapon)
  64. Red Leaf High
  65. nebulite diffuser
  66. Start implementing approved suggestions.
  67. Kinesis secondary
  68. DPM/DPS Damage Test Implementation
  69. Boss Rankings
  70. hide effects
  71. Are you sure? pop-up
  72. Any chance for events?
  73. Donator Shop Prompts
  74. More Party Quests(Ludi PQ Orbis PQ, and Maze PQ)
  75. Add a disclaimer to Bonus Potential Scrolls 70% about item destruction
  76. Changes on ign coupon
  77. update paragon info
  78. Current state of the server solutions/suggestions.
  79. Add Patch Notes in the Forum
  80. Add Item Locks as an additional security measure
  81. MPE Point in Monster Park Shop
  82. Secure method to protect items from hackers
  83. Premium Fusion Nebulite Tickets