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  1. [Read Me] Bug Report Format
  2. [Attention] Before you post.
  3. [Compiled] Quest / Drop / Portal
  4. Kanna Quest Bug
  5. Cannot continue required quests for Magnus Normal/Hard
  6. Mihile Starting Questline Bug
  7. Evan questline item bug
  8. Quest bugged
  9. Dark Floras don't drop oily seed
  10. Corsair's mount quest bug
  11. Not able to accept the "Feelings of Misfortune" quest to do the Heroes of Maple.
  12. Unable to accept "Defeat the First Guardian" quest from Alicia at Root Abyss
  13. Fantasy theme world drop bug
  14. Solar Savior Quest not working
  15. All Legendary Veins Bugged
  16. Aran quest glitch
  17. Magic Powders
  18. "The Lost Grey" quest bug
  19. QUEST BUG - In search of the ancient ring
  20. Aran wolf mount quest
  21. Battle Mage 4th job quest bug
  22. Kill Count for Quest Disappear when DC or Logging Out
  23. Cygnus Knights Quest Drop Bug
  24. Chaos Vellum Helm make HP and MP gauge Bugged
  25. "Miss" Text missing on mobs
  26. Demon Slayer Max Demon Force Bug
  27. [Known Bugs] Please do not post them anymore!
  28. Damage Reflect OHKOs
  29. Unable to change Royal Hair
  30. Tower of Oz [Final Part]
  31. Phantom Main Quest
  32. The Amnesiac Temple Keeper quest bug
  33. Magnificent Crimson Queen
  34. Nether Shield
  35. Soul Weapon Bug
  36. Arkarium prequest for zero
  37. Royal Lion King Medal
  38. Jett Link Skill/related item
  39. Dark Knight Hyper
  40. Paragon lvl bonus hyper sp missing after job switch
  41. [Star force quest bug]
  42. Ess
  43. Helmet Cooldown Potenail not working.
  44. Cannoneer Quests Bugged?
  45. Can't delete my character
  46. Xenon: Temporal Pod does not affect xenon's Hyper Skills when it's suppose to
  47. Kishin during Capt Latanica
  48. Unnamed Hair
  49. Infinity bug
  50. Secondary normal potential bug, unable to get 40% bd or ied
  51. Mercedes skill cool downs do not get reduced when combo'ed together.
  52. Royal Hair Coupon is BUGGED
  53. Aran Hyper Skill (Maha's Domain)
  54. zero's weapon bugged again
  55. Jett's Core Aura not working
  56. Demon Slayer 5th job bug + Chaos Lock
  57. Soul Link , Soul shield, and 5th job skill--MIHILE--
  58. Skill that bypasses damage reflect does not deal damage
  59. Chaos Pierre Bug
  60. Blank Nodes
  61. Angelic Buster skill bug - part 1
  62. I/L skill level bug
  63. 3 game breaking bowmaster bugs and a very minor one
  64. Cleric job skill points bug
  65. 5 of my characters were deleted.
  66. Magnificent Pierre Soul active doesn't work
  67. Magnus Balls
  68. Nest golem bug
  69. Dawn Warrior missing third job skills
  70. v skill bug
  71. Xenon V skill bugs
  72. Lost petvac
  73. Random character freezes
  74. Dual blade bugs
  75. Thief Common Node Skill
  76. Zero / SP Reset Error: 6 & macro bug
  77. DA 5th job blood spew doesn't spew properly in Hekaton
  78. Secondary Weapon Boss DMG Bug
  79. Demon avenger bug 1 hit K.O and nether shield bug
  80. [Bug] Mana Overload being weird
  81. Zero's Beta skill 'Critical Bind' not working.
  82. Special skill node bug
  83. Shadower Meso Explosion Cannot be USE!!
  84. Bowmaster's Mortal Blow Bug
  85. Killcount bug
  86. Cannot get [Gollux] The Face of Fear quest (Gollux keys quest)
  87. Explorer Book Quest Bug
  88. Bonus Potential Scroll/Stamp Bug
  89. Familiar bugged
  90. My friends list isnt showing up when i Deleted my Mule ( same account)
  91. Can't Join guild
  92. Didn't receive emblem for hayato class
  93. Pirate 5th job skill Loaded Dice isn't working
  94. Compiled Bug Thread
  95. Zero's link skill is not leveling up for himself.
  96. Chu Chu Island Boss
  97. No quest?
  98. Herb Pouch/Mining Bag ETC Glitch
  99. Zero's 'Doubletime' is not working properly.
  100. F/P mage DoT bug
  101. the black wings and the puppeteer
  102. Shade 5th Job bug
  103. Debris bug need help
  104. Buccaneer Skill Not Working As Intended
  105. Evan Cooldown Reduction Bug (after latest maintenance)
  106. Items Missing
  107. Hayato Job Advance Bug
  108. Blaster 4th Job Revolving Blast Skill Bug
  109. Dawn Warrior bind skill does not work
  110. My Hard Hilla Record
  111. Guided Arrow
  112. Zero's 5th job skill still doesn't bind.
  113. Demon Slayer's Bugs
  114. Loaded dice bug
  115. Voting problems
  116. Dawn Warrior and Beast Tamer
  117. Lumi gauge Bug & more
  118. Mining Bag bug
  119. Hats
  120. Demon Slayer's Blue Blood, Cerberus Chomp, Demon Awakening
  121. FM Shop
  122. Arkarium's *A crack in time* Quest
  123. Evan Skill Bug Mar 1st, 2017
  124. Xenon Node bug?
  125. Crusader Codex
  126. Dual Blade skill "blade clone" does not receive buff skill duration effect.
  127. Evan's 5th Job Skill
  128. SLH Cant be Traded
  129. My Charactor Rollback Anytime
  130. Monster Park Times Bugged
  131. Kaiser Vertical Grapple Bug!!
  132. Cygnus Empress BUG
  133. hard Magnus bug
  134. bonus potential bug?
  135. Night Walker Dark Omen not dealing damage as it should
  136. impossible to get 3 lines max hp%, red cubes and bpot
  137. Monster Stuck in map
  138. White Cloud Quote Ring Bug
  139. Bishop Mana Overload and Angel Ray bug
  140. Bishop Heal's Bug
  141. Blaster's Bug
  142. Ark prequest bug
  143. Gollux: Face of Fear Quest Bugged
  144. Missing White Essence quest
  145. Angelic Buster can't fish.......
  146. Several characters missing SP
  147. Horntail stuck upon death
  148. AP can't be removed from HP/MP using AP Reset (Miu Miu's)
  149. Angelic busterr outfit bug & chat bug
  150. When innocence scrolling Zero's weapon, Beta's weapon not being 'shown' as innocenced
  151. help me plz
  152. [Issue?] Monster's respawn time is too long than GMS/KMS
  153. Beast tamer skill Bug
  154. Buccanner class bugged skills
  155. Blaster - Hyper Magnum Punch
  156. Missing White Essence [for Ghost Ship Exorcist]
  157. Unable to Claim Rewards from Slient Crusade
  158. AriesMS Voting DOES NOT WORK
  159. demon avengers able to kill themselves bug
  160. Finale Ribbon
  161. Ice/Lightning Mage: Arcane Aim
  162. Chat STILL Does NOT Work
  163. Missing vote points bug
  164. Cant equip any more nodes
  165. Evan 5th skill bug
  166. Mihile Hyper Skills Bugged (No effect)
  167. [Kanna] Burning, Freezing, and Shocking Shikigami Bugged
  168. Bug ark prequest
  169. Bishops holy shield
  170. Gold Demon Emblem unobtainable
  171. Power transfer skill bugged
  172. Okay, Please tell me how I'm voting wrong
  173. 5th job skill Perfect Shot bugged at some bosses
  174. Horntail bug
  175. "I have been banned.. But I Love AriesMS <3!"
  176. Character Stuck in Evolution Lab
  177. Demon Slayer's Bugs 2.0
  178. Bug: Guild invite causes crash
  179. NX lost after maintenance
  180. Recurring Howling Gale bug
  181. DA demonic frenzy scaling bug still persists after fix
  182. Etc Inventory Bug
  183. Multiple Bowmaster Bugs
  184. Alliance Bug
  185. Leafre/4th job Disconnection
  186. ice/lightning skill bug
  187. DA 5th job Demonic Frenzy CD + healing + overload release bugs
  188. Noble Mind Bug
  189. Blaster - Blast Shield
  190. Chuchu island pq bug
  191. ETC slot bug
  192. Name change
  193. Aran's Booster is bugged!
  194. Alliance Bug
  195. Nova Skill bugs
  196. someone help me !!!
  197. Greed Pendant Wrong Drop rate
  198. Lightbulb above my head, can't remove it
  199. Completed Quest floating above my head?
  200. Evan 5th job wont do damage
  201. Kinesis bugs
  202. Angelic Buster V skill Sparkle Burst
  203. Pet Vac Bug
  204. Blaster 5th job skill bug
  205. Aran missing 2nd job SP
  206. EXP 100% Bug
  207. DA and DS link skill bug?
  208. Explorer Game Start Bug
  209. Tower of Oz Question Ring Box unable to open
  210. Hero V-Matrix Raging blow node bugged
  211. Chaos Root Abyss Bugs
  212. Phantom Buddy List Bug.
  213. Royal hair bug
  214. Unable to expand guild slots
  215. Trade Lost item
  216. DW's Celestial Dance not having additional attack every 5 seconds.
  217. Dawn Warrior - Multiple Bugs
  218. Can't accept quests
  219. Sever bugs?
  220. Evan Bugs
  221. 5th job skill Guided Arrow isn't working
  222. Hayato stance bug
  223. Phantom's loadout window
  224. 100 % exp bug
  225. Dawn Warrior Attacking bugs + Equinox Cycle (4th job) .
  226. Ghost Ship Exorcist Badge Problem
  227. No pink bean class?
  228. demon avenger exceed bug
  229. Beast Tamer Bugged Skills
  230. final bug report on Demonic Frenzy scaling bug
  231. Shade's 5th job skill doesnt reset cd
  232. Wild hunter bugs !!!
  233. aran bug/exploit, no to unlimited adrenaline rush
  234. Soulful Erda Quest not Registering Kills
  235. Advance DarkSight is not working.
  236. Soulful Erda Quest not Registering Kills
  237. Battle Mage's Grim Contact not working
  238. Monster Collection Reward - only got one chest - totally disappointed -
  239. 9th Anniversary Prime Scroll for 2 Handed Weapon NOT Working on Hearts
  240. Not receiving vote points
  241. Alien Corridor Map Crash
  242. Xenon's Triangulation bug AGAIN
  243. Dark Knight Final Pact Bug
  244. Cash Item Glitched!
  245. Profession Combination Bug
  246. Demon Slayer Glitch
  247. Character got deteled after d/c
  248. Boss Damage % lines for Secondaries
  249. Blaster's SP Issue (2nd Job)
  250. Cannon of mass destruction charges // Pirate- loaded dice