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  1. Thieves
  2. Which class to start with
  3. Shadower Or Dual Blader
  4. Explorer Thieves
  5. Luminous
  6. If you could make a custom class what would it be ?
  7. NL vs Shad vs Bihop as main
  8. What job i should go for it after nerfing the wh?
  9. What 2 Jobs would you combine?
  10. Demon slayer or dawn warrior
  11. Indecisive right now
  12. WH x DW x Lumi
  13. Struggle is Real
  14. WH or Lumi ?
  15. Class Funding?
  16. Lumi, Evan or I/L
  17. Mercedes
  18. BowMaster vs. Wind Archer
  19. Gearing guide about xenon
  20. Is xenon hard to fund up? (range boost.)
  21. Wind Archer or Dawn Warrior
  22. Help me in choosing job
  23. WildHunter / Bowmaster or Phantom
  24. What Mage to play?
  25. Best Thief Class
  26. What weapon should a paladin use?
  27. demon avenger
  28. Which mage to go for ( Luminous|| Evan )
  29. Pink bean has an expire date?
  30. demon avenger or dawn warrior
  31. WA to Shadower/Evan
  32. Secondary Job
  33. What Job is Stronger Evan or Battlemage?
  34. Marksman
  35. Best Archer class in your opinions
  36. pink bean class
  37. Zero Leveling Guide?
  38. Magic Guard not pet-buffable anymore ?
  39. Best Bossing Class?
  40. Wild Hunter's Jaguar
  41. evan or i/l?
  42. Cannoneer tankiness
  43. warrior farmer
  44. Cannonner Hyper Stat
  45. Demon Slayers?
  46. I/l or Hayato or Hero
  47. Is kinesis really bad?
  48. Demon Avenger
  49. Community Class **Opinions**
  50. What class to start with?
  51. Mihiles
  52. Evo's Endgame Poll
  53. About the equipment when training ?
  54. I/L, Aran or?
  55. NL range to 1shot Skyline
  56. Best weapon for Paladin
  57. best job for farming MP
  58. Is Kaiser worth it?
  59. Evan VS Night Walker
  60. Job changes
  61. How Are Some AriesMS Jobs Different From Those of GMS?
  62. Not sure what to play
  63. How to use Blaster correctly?
  64. problems with what to play, new player unfunded
  65. Does the Aran Character Card Work?
  66. Community Class Opinions
  67. Hero 1handed sword vs 2handed sword
  68. Does Evan 1st job dragon passive work?
  69. Zero training
  70. Aran or Bowmaster?
  71. Strongest Bossing Class
  72. Evan vs Luminous
  73. Bossing Class Question
  74. INT Class help
  75. phantom vs night lord
  76. Dual blade vs Phantom
  77. Xenon equips scrolling
  78. Bow Master or Evan
  79. Bowmaster or Wild hunter
  80. Kinesis or I/L
  81. What STR Class ?!
  82. Anti Bot system went overboard ?
  83. Bowmaster (armor break bug) vs WildHunter (jarguar auto normal attack bug)
  84. Main: Night Lord vs. Dual Blade
  85. Hayato or Xenon
  86. STR Based Class for a SUPER New, Unfunded Player?
  87. idk what to play
  88. are arans any good?
  89. Aran or Phantom
  90. Wind Archer or Mercedes
  91. Is AB bugged ?
  92. Luminous System Changed?
  93. Aran/ Dawn Warrior/ DrK(?)
  94. How viable is zero?
  95. How much funding needed?
  96. Regarding Phantom
  97. Which to play?
  98. How are these classes in this server?
  99. question on hero
  100. Shade or buccaneer?
  101. Nightlord WA scrolled or LUK scrolled.
  102. 5th job
  103. Demon Avenger or Slayer?
  104. question for bossing
  105. Main : Nightlord / Dawn Warrior? Need ''Master'' opinions
  106. Best Mobbers In The Game?
  107. BAM Question?
  108. Does kaiser used wa or str?
  109. Luminous Light/Dark mode Bug?
  110. Cygnus Class to fund
  111. Questions about these classes that I want to play
  112. Night Walker - Compared to other thieves post V-update
  113. Is cannon master bug?
  114. New player looking for class advice/opinions
  115. I have decided to main Demon Avenger, but I have an important question.
  116. mirror image skill cant up to lv20
  117. thunder breaker STR or att scroll???
  118. Question on Aran
  119. Suggest on classes after 5th job
  120. Nl/db/phantom 5th job
  121. earning class
  122. Is every 5th job class availeble cuz i cant do my shade skills
  123. What's fun to play
  124. Looking for Mobbing class thats not INT or STR
  125. Bowmaster vs wind archer
  126. Uh Zero's weapons?
  127. Looking for a easy-to-fund Job
  128. Dual Blade, the right job to start off with?
  129. I got some questions :o
  130. Best Mage ?
  131. Job change? (funding problem)
  132. Need help for DA
  133. Shadower vs Nightlord
  134. Pirate mobbing bucc?
  135. Shadower low hp
  136. 15b fund, what's best class for farming mid-end game ?
  137. What job should i main
  138. Dual Blade, Wa or Stats?
  139. Keep Xenon?
  140. Haven't played in years
  141. Changing of class (eg. shadower to nl) 5th job qn
  142. Shade disappointment
  143. NL? Cannon Master? Demon Slayer?
  144. Playing Bow Master vs. Getting Funded (Switch or Nah)
  145. best mage for bossing?
  146. Cannoneer vs. Wind Archer vs. Bow Master vs. ???
  147. why people dont play as pink bean?
  148. Cannoneer VS Wind Archer
  149. Noob asking > Hero - 1h + shield vs 2h
  150. Wind archer vs Night Lord
  151. Server Reset
  152. Hayato VS Kaiser
  153. Hero vs Kaiser
  154. Zero damage
  155. Demon slayer or another class for unfunded player
  156. Bowmaster vs Wind Archer
  157. Kinesis vs Evan vs Other Mage?
  158. Blaster
  159. Fifth job
  160. Cannoneer Vs Bow master Vs Demon Slayer
  161. NL or Shadower?
  162. 19B Funding for Lumi
  163. approx 3-4b funding job
  164. Opinions on Demon Avenger
  165. 25k luk. Phantom vs Shad vs DB vs NL
  166. Best Class For PPQ Clear
  167. DB question.
  168. Which Job is best for Monster Park Farming?
  169. Evan or i/l?
  170. Demon Slayer vs Kaiser vs Hayato vs other Warriors
  171. Bishops
  172. Cannon Masters
  173. F/P vs I/L
  174. Pirate bossers
  175. Can't decide which class should I pick for main
  176. Phantom vs NL for main
  177. shade vs jett
  178. How to get to arcane river?
  179. Pirates? not even worth it? Shade or Buccaneer or Corsair+
  180. Cannoneer Vs Wind archer
  181. Phantom or NL
  182. Bucc vs shade
  183. Wind archer vs bowmaster