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  5. Dual Blade Bug
  6. Blaster-Missing SP
  7. Buccaneer's dash crashes party members
  8. Golden potential stamp can't be applied on kinesis's weapon
  9. Tower of OZ F19
  10. Possible Paladin Bug
  11. Gollux glitch
  12. Madman Ranmaru x 2
  13. Deleting characters bug
  14. Red Leaf High Quest Bug
  15. Tower of OZ stuffs
  16. Demon Avenger's 5th job blood spewing right sided instead of in the middle bug
  17. Angelic Buster Bug
  18. Battle Mage Healing Aura Bug
  19. Wasted Red Leaf High Runs
  20. Chaos Vellum Glitch
  21. Blaze Wizard Bugs
  22. Phantom Invulnerability Bug
  23. Luminous and Ice Lightning Mage Bugs
  24. Chaos Crimson Queen Bug
  25. Dark Knight 4th gungnirs descent cd bug
  26. Buccaneer 4th job skill: Dragon Strike
  27. Cygnus Blessing
  28. Legion Raid not working !!!!
  29. Bugged the first quest of lachelein line. Can't restart.
  30. Mihile bug
  31. Zero Doubletime and Immune Barrier bug
  32. Battle Mage Condemnation/Grim Contact Bug
  33. Lachelein 1st Quest Bug. Cannot Be Completed
  34. Didn't Upgrade Ship (Commerci Republic)
  35. aran skill bug
  36. Not hitting 2 target
  37. Forest of Priest map bug!!!
  38. Beast Tamer Growth spurt Bug
  39. Buccaneer skill cooldown
  40. Luminous Ender/Gate of Light cooldown bug
  41. Blasters crashing whenever in eczak
  42. Weird Scrolling Bug
  43. Legion Raid Golden Wyvern quest
  44. Lachelein preq bug (shrimp mask NPC)
  45. Quest lachelein