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  1. [Read Me] Bug Report Format
  2. [Known Bugs] Please do not post them anymore!
  3. [Compiled] Quest / Drop / Portal
  4. Tower of OZ stuffs
  5. [Compiled] Bug Thread
  6. Maple Saint Gum is Missing
  7. Shadower's Venom Burst Bug
  8. Aran skill bugged.
  9. Decent Holy Symbol
  10. Zero new V skill BUG
  11. Hayato's new 5th Job Iaijutsu Phantom Blade bug
  12. "Following the Pirate" Quest for Explorer Bowmans
  13. Blaster Bugs Part 2
  14. Recipe bug
  15. Tower of oz emblem
  16. Luminouse Aether Conduit bug
  17. Rune of Thunder no longer has AOE (v188)
  18. 2X EXP Bug (VP Coupons)
  19. Aran 2nd Job Adv.
  20. Bishop Bug
  21. dawn warrior equinox cycle bug
  22. Beast Tamer's skill bug
  23. Hekaton grab bug (?)
  24. Prime Scroll for Armor & Occult Scroll for Armor for Att/Mg Att
  25. Beginner Boxes
  26. Freud wisdom bug in Lotus
  27. Blaze Wizard Ignition bug
  28. Commerci quest bug
  29. Arcane symbol stat bug
  30. Zero HP Bug
  31. Zero SP Reset Bug
  32. Normal Lucid's bugged
  33. Pending Seal chair bug
  34. Crusader codex - leafre set bug (+1 to all skills)
  35. Decent Sharp Eyes (too much Crit Dmg) and Decent Speed Infusion (too much att speed)
  36. DC From Flag Race
  37. [Bug] Unable to mount B Nebulite (Abnormal Status Duration -2 seconds)
  38. everytime i log in
  39. Puncture critical damage
  40. Horntail Instance Bug
  41. Hero Burning Soul Blade 100% uptime
  42. Buddy List Glitch NEEDS TO BE FIXED!
  43. Buddy list wiped
  44. Didn't receive Soaring skill
  45. Zero - Twin Blades Of Time Bugs
  47. Beast tamer cub cavalry 5th job bug.
  48. Zero Time Distortion Bug
  49. Pending Commerci Pre-Quest bug, cannot proceed. gib sweetwater ;_;
  50. Last 2 buccaneer's bugs XD
  51. Demonic Frenzy 30% dmg reduction still not working against some attacks (with proof)
  52. Friend List bug?
  53. Pending Legion UI Bug
  54. Kanna's Spirit's Domain not affecting pt members
  55. Lumi's Armageddon Stun
  56. Darkness Rune
  57. Papulatus Boss Bug
  58. Cadena (thief) Shield Scroll Bug
  59. Character Bug
  60. Kaiser's Dragon Link Skill
  61. Mercedes Spirit of Elluel
  62. hayato Iaijutsu Phantom Blade skill bug
  63. Gollux Bug
  64. Coles Mineral Bag
  65. Arcane Symbol Bug
  66. Captain Latanica
  67. Battle mage's Weakening Aura
  68. Shield Scroll failing to provide the effect
  69. My List of Aries Bugs
  70. Can't unlink link skill spirit of freedom
  71. Xenon: Omega blaster sometimes don't work
  72. Cadena cannot accept Nameless Town questline
  73. Unable to receive lv200 Rewards.
  74. Bug In Completing Ghost Ship Exorcist Quest Chain
  75. Cole's Mining Bag & Saffron's Herb Bag Sealed?
  76. Disappearing Item Pick-Up Bug
  77. Dawn Warrior Stance Bug
  78. Frozen map / DC
  79. Salon hair\face saving.
  80. Dark Knight and Bosses bugs
  81. Illium Bugs
  82. resting spot of memory
  83. Stuck in Vellums room..