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  1. Add Job Change For Every Character/Class
  2. Server wipe
  3. New Drop Rate of Nodestones
  4. Tempest Coin Shop
  5. Chaos Scrolls
  6. Quest messenger to remotely complete quest
  7. Owl of Minerva changes
  8. Professions suggestions
  9. Not Getting Hekaton Coins.
  10. Node Shard Compensation While Open Job Changing.
  11. One-time Accident Forgiveness Policy.
  12. Allowing monsters in lachelein to drop arcane river droplet stone
  13. Lionheart Castle / Lion King's Castle spawn rate
  14. SBC List..
  15. Cubing NPC
  16. Character Gender
  17. Class balance: Jett
  18. Remove Elite Boss curse
  19. Increase Arcane Symbol drop rate
  20. Damage Skin Suggestions
  21. New trading method
  22. ~AriesMS~ My Opinion..
  23. Revamp vote shop by revamping gachapon
  24. Increase Paragon Level cap and Revamp reward in Paragon system
  25. MP Boxes
  26. pet vacuum
  27. Add Shield, Shielding ward, and Superior shielding ward to elite shop
  28. Revamp vote shop by revamping gachapon
  29. Shanghai totems
  30. Compensate for the lack of VP
  31. Premium water of life
  32. add new pet~
  33. extra character slots
  34. vanishing journey daily quest for sengoku jobs and arcane drop rate suggestion
  35. New chair in chair gacha/ event to get cool chairs
  36. transsexual NPC
  37. In regards of Shade's Spirit Bond Max
  38. Is a cane not a "wand-like" item?
  39. kid ghost emblem
  40. Possible to make client detection-free from virustotal.com?
  41. High disk usage when logging on
  42. AriesMs Mobile App!
  43. Upgrade Server
  44. Separate Discord channels for FM buying and selling
  45. Making Crystal Ilbis
  46. Place buff icons below the notice bar
  47. Custom Theorized Items
  48. Change the register format
  49. Make it easier to level up via trading in maple leaves
  50. Remove Kanna Kinshin NX debuff
  51. Add 100% Soul Shooter scrolls to the Elite Channel Shop
  52. Anvil Items
  53. "Currency" exchange suggestion
  54. Thunder Breaker - Arc Charger