In Game Name: swooplq
Job of Character: Kinesis
Staff who banned you: Libra
Reason For Ban: RMT
Why should we give you another chance?: Wrongly accused/Frame
Image of ban message:

I asked my friend to sell some of my equips as i was busy with work to sell them myself and he did it through the forums.
As of the forum post that showed the RMT evidences, there wasn't any RMT previously. My friend's forum account got hack and the hacker edited the post, changing the a/w to SGD.
Prior to that, my friend's maplestory account got hacked and his equips, mesos and nx were all swept clean. Shortly after he was hacked on maplestory, he requested help through the @gm command but there was no response.
Im asking if the GMs can check the trade history to find out the hacker. Because it is ridiculous how the forum post got found out of RMT after such a long time if RMT was really involved. Please check the timing when the post got edited which closely corresponds to the time when his maplestory account got hacked.
My friend did not give his account to anybody. His social medias is hacked too which shows that it's a hacker's work. My friend's IGN: AKUMAa. Please investigate this issue.