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    If u looking for balance class that can be Bossing with averge-fast DPS or farming without trouble about horizon or vertical.The anwser is Hayato he/she have great kit of skill that very mobillity and can clear whole map faster than any class but beware that Hayato consumes MP very fast from beginning
    Some of combo,skill that hayato use mostly
    Skill_Surging_Blade.png - Use to dash on ramp terrain if have trouble with double jump
    Skill_Vapor_Blade.png + Skill_Falcon_Dive.png - Reach to higher platform along with Falcon Dive to reach platform that u can't reach after use Vapor Blade
    Skill_Whirlwind_Cut.png +Skill_Falcon_Dive.png(can be repeat use) + Sanrenzan/Skill_Sweeping_Sword.png - Whirlwind for gather mob,Falcon for damage and Sanrenzan for skill frame cancel or Sweeping Sword to grab more mob ahead
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    Quote Originally Posted by SilentScriptz View Post
    Not to mention cannon master's are amazing in mobility due to double vertical jump and their forward boost is really strong making the extremely good for mp farming and farming in general due to as you mentioned, the amazing range on his/her multi-hit ability.
    They have triple vertical jump, try it out sometime.

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    Blaze Wizard? Anyone? Blazing Extinction? Orbital Inferno?



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