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  1. [Read Me] Bug Report Format
  2. [Attention] Before you post.
  3. [Compiled] Quest / Drop / Portal
  4. Kanna Quest Bug
  5. Professor Detector
  6. Cannot continue required quests for Magnus Normal/Hard
  7. Mihile Starting Questline Bug
  8. Evan questline item bug
  9. Quest bugged
  10. Dark Floras don't drop oily seed
  11. Corsair's mount quest bug
  12. Not able to accept the "Feelings of Misfortune" quest to do the Heroes of Maple.
  13. Unable to accept "Defeat the First Guardian" quest from Alicia at Root Abyss
  14. Fantasy theme world drop bug
  15. Solar Savior Quest not working
  16. All Legendary Veins Bugged
  17. Aran quest glitch
  18. Magic Powders
  19. "The Lost Grey" quest bug
  20. QUEST BUG - In search of the ancient ring
  21. Aran wolf mount quest
  22. Beast Tamer Bug List: Electric Boogaloo
  23. Battle Mage 4th job quest bug
  24. Looping Mobs
  25. Kill Count for Quest Disappear when DC or Logging Out
  26. Cygnus Knights Quest Drop Bug
  27. ''The Explorer Book'' quest stuck on completion
  28. Android name change/emotion
  29. Chaos Vellum Helm make HP and MP gauge Bugged
  30. "Miss" Text missing on mobs
  31. Demon Slayer Max Demon Force Bug
  32. [Known Bugs] Please do not post them anymore!
  33. [Kanna] Haku's Skill Foxfire Bugged
  34. Big Headward glitch when changing Cool Face color
  35. Cassandra's Explorer Book quest glitch
  36. Damage Reflect OHKOs
  37. Moar Zero Bugs
  38. Unable to change Royal Hair
  39. zero bug
  40. Undead debuff and Status Resistance
  41. Dark Knight's Final Pact are not showing cooldown sometimes.
  42. Sapphire Exp Coupon give 120% instead of 130%
  43. Zero's bugged skills
  44. Marriage System Bug
  45. Tower of Oz [Final Part]
  46. [Beast Tamer] Missions are broken
  47. Phantom Main Quest
  48. The Amnesiac Temple Keeper quest bug
  49. Toggle Smega Bugs
  50. Magnificent Crimson Queen
  51. Nether Shield
  52. Hp bug
  53. Soul Weapon Bug
  54. Crafting & Crafting Recipe get Bug
  55. Thunder Breaker 20 Dex
  56. bug skill hunter hunting assistant unit and Jaguar no auto atk
  57. Hekaton Invasion defence
  58. Angelic Buster Bug
  59. Super Scroll not giving the right stats
  60. Arkarium prequest for zero
  61. Special Bonus Potential Scroll
  62. Missing skill hotkey of DW
  63. Archer bug (?)
  64. Lotus bouncing ball bug
  65. Monsters with infinite HP in FES2
  66. Royal Lion King Medal
  67. Hero 4th Job Skill Puncture bug
  68. Ursus Bugs
  69. Jett Link Skill/related item
  70. Unable to equip Doom shoulder & Avenger Quiver Belt
  71. Mihile link skill and mage infinity
  72. please help me ! :(
  73. Zero's Weapon Potential doesn't apply twice
  74. Magnus for 5th Job quest, and daily reset
  75. Bonus Cubing Secondaries
  76. Dark Knight Hyper
  77. Paragon lvl bonus hyper sp missing after job switch
  78. [B] nebulite (Dex%)
  79. 12 hours 2x drop cupon bug
  80. [Star force quest bug]
  81. Nebulite bug??
  82. List of Shadower Bugs
  83. Tower of Oz boxes once again glitched.
  84. Frederick doesn't give me items/tell me where my shop is
  85. Whtie Essence Glitch
  86. Lost items while setting up shop!
  87. Cumulative Bug thread for bugs i have found.
  88. Blaster Skill
  89. Boss Damage % lines for Secondaries
  90. item loss while setting up store after disconnecting (maintenance)
  91. Mihile Bugs
  92. Petvac Disappeared After Trade.
  93. Link Skill Bugs
  94. Becoming Kaiser
  95. Mercedes Link skill
  96. Violet Cubes
  97. Ess
  98. Helmet Cooldown Potenail not working.
  99. Cannoneer Quests Bugged?
  100. Familiar Bug
  101. Kaiser Bugs - Transformation Final Damage + Morph Gauge
  102. Quest is missing
  103. Blaster Skill Point bug
  104. Can't delete my character
  105. Shadower 55th Job skill bug
  106. Xenon: Temporal Pod does not affect xenon's Hyper Skills when it's suppose to
  107. Kaiser 5th Job Bug
  108. Aran+5th Job+few random bugs
  109. Kishin during Capt Latanica
  110. Unnamed Hair
  111. Dark Knight and Bowmaster
  112. Bishop Bahamut Skill
  113. Infinity bug
  114. Beast Tamer bugs
  115. Dual blade "shadow meld" passive bug
  116. Pocket Slot Locked.
  117. Nodestones
  118. Shadower bugs
  119. Herb Pouch Bug
  120. Bug on 2nd archer job advancement quest map
  121. Weapon ATT bug?
  122. ETC inv lost
  123. Fake Bomb
  124. Voting
  125. BW HP Loss Issue
  126. 500k HP DA getting oneshot with mobs doing only 50k dmg
  127. Cygnus Link Skill
  128. Wind Archer Howling Gale Bug
  129. Some Bugs Regarding Zero
  130. Angelic buster bug
  131. Skill node not craftable even if the skill is already implemented
  132. item nx cash no images ?
  133. Zero weapon destroy bug? Can't login my main character
  134. NX invinsible bug item
  135. Dual blade flashbang bug
  136. Holy Mystics not equippable despite being available for all weapons
  137. Lumi Bug with Job5 Skill
  138. Some Zero bugs
  139. Aran and SSB Bug
  140. Bug item
  141. SSB bug
  142. Cash shop item bug?
  143. no final damage increase from DA overload release skill
  144. Cash Shop Item Bug causing DC
  145. Vote Points Bugged?
  146. Cash Item Effect Bug
  147. Cant Craft 5th Job Skill After Changed My JOb !
  148. Vote not working :(
  149. Krexel Pre quest bug
  150. 5th skill is wrong after change job
  151. [Bug] Blaze Wizard's 5th Skill cooldown time is half
  152. Corsair 5th job Bug
  153. Phantom's stolen skill system
  154. Thunder Breaker Bug
  155. Clear skies bugged
  156. SSB blank item...
  157. Bonus potential cube bug
  158. Ghost Ship Badge Bug
  159. Zero, Why you gotta be so bugged?
  160. Demon slayer's bugged
  161. Angelic buster bug
  162. Demon Slayer bugs
  163. Secondary Weapon's Bonus Potential Bug.
  164. Dailies not resetting.
  165. Lost 125m + Gollux Quest after server Maintenance.
  166. Benediction bug (bishop)
  168. Lumi 5th job bug
  169. Ice/Lightning 3rd Job Advancement Boss Glitch
  170. Erda Nova Bug
  171. Dawn Warrior Equinox Slash Bug
  172. Marriage Heart
  173. Character slot bug
  174. Lumi Bugs
  175. Blaster - Shotgun Punch shockwave not hitting correct direction
  176. Advanced Storm/Earth Break's Shockwaves
  177. Unable to delete character bug
  178. Locked Titanium Heart
  179. Game Crashing Blaster Bug
  180. Level 170 Zero Weapon at Level 160
  181. Secondary normal potential bug, unable to get 40% bd or ied
  182. Prestige Bug?
  183. My account now can not enter the game. :frowning: .Account : foxsnow002
  184. Cole's Material Bag Bug
  185. Battlemage bug
  186. demon slayer bug
  187. VP Bug
  188. pink bean class skills bug
  189. ETC doesn't work.
  190. demon slayer skill
  191. Blaster Combo Training bug
  192. Etc got wiped
  193. Can't get Nameless coin when pick it up
  194. Mercedes skill cool downs do not get reduced when combo'ed together.
  195. Bugged Loadout System
  196. Zero's Weapon Potential bug
  197. wind archer bug not fixed yet...
  198. Wild Hunter Broke skills
  199. Zero weapon bug(Crash)
  200. Legend awards chair
  201. Mercedes Bugs [After the correction last time]
  202. Store bug?
  203. mob freeze bug
  204. Mechanic's Extreme Mech Skill (4th Job)
  205. Wind Archer's Trifling Wind bug
  206. Angelic Buster Finale Ribbon BUGGED
  207. Sp Error?
  208. Battle mage skill
  209. Beast Tamer Skills unable to reset
  210. admin message bug doesnt go away
  211. Corsair Bugs (pls fix)
  212. cash weapon-fire katana can't be equipped over staff
  213. Nodestones giving nothing or empty nodes.
  214. Hayato shoryuusen Bug
  215. -Account Bugged-
  216. Angelic bugger *wink*
  217. Locked Slots
  218. Zero's Lapis/Lazuli type 9 missing 1 upgrade slot
  219. Wind Archer Howling Gale Bug(?)
  220. Chaos Pierre Disappearing Box
  221. ETC slot bug /tab
  222. Perfect Shot (MM 5th Job)
  223. my id become same character id= elleyyork
  224. Cannot craft dual blade 5th job skill
  225. NX item bug?
  226. ECT Slots bug
  227. Shade's skill Bug
  228. daily reset bug
  229. Royal Hair Coupon is BUGGED
  230. Zero weapon destroyes bug? Can't login my main character.
  231. Inner Ability Bug
  232. [Quest] Defeat Arma the Gaint Worm Quest
  233. Paladin damage bug after v182 patch
  234. Storage Banker
  235. Etc. Inventory: Item Sort Issue
  236. Cygnus Link Skill unlinking
  237. Can't select royal hair
  238. Inventory ETC unable to be sorted
  239. Inventory ETC's bug
  240. Pala Divine Echo skill bug
  241. Vote point issue
  242. Quest bug
  243. my id bug..plss help me gm or admin
  244. EXP Bug
  245. Dojo Time Bug
  246. Aran Hyper Skill (Maha's Domain)
  247. I can't Log in.
  248. Mercedes skill no damage
  249. Blaze Wizard Orbital Flame not hitting
  250. Stuck at thieving moon bunny hideout entrance